PT. Sinar Pasific Groups is very concern with Safety, Health and Environment ( SHE ), provide and monitoring SHE, as follows :


1. Emergency Procedure with response Safety and Environment.

2. Vessel’s Crew and Material Training

3. Hazardous Material Training

4. Standard Operation Procedure ( SOP ) for LCT Operation :

  • Personal Protection and Equipment

  • Incld. Bracket Life Line

  • Life raft – mark – capacity, number, lounching ( security method )

  • Flare and Emergency Radion

Schedule will be reported :


    1. Voyage report and journey report.

    2. Daily position report.

    3. Maintenance report.

    4. Stowage plan.




Our Phylosofy


  • Integrate Quality principles into every aspect of our business.

  • Offer premium quality products and services, backed by outstanding service, to meet Customers’ needs.

  • Keeping the pulse on the market - keep abreast with changes/market dynamics.

  • Pursue business opportunities intelligently - long-term/big picture objectives.

  • Pursue growth policies with objectivity.

  • Form alliances/partnerships with suppliers/distributors/customers

  • (value-chain management).



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